For over 50 years Kaycee Veterinary Products has built high quality automatic repeater, reuseable syringes serving the international animal healthcare industry, for use with all oil and water-based animal vaccines.

With their truly ergonomic and well-balanced design our syringes are comfortable to use, allowing long sessions while minimising vaccinators-fatigue and ultimately reducing costs. Our veterinary products & syringes are built with chrome-plated metal to ensure a long life and endure the rigours of outdoor use in the agriculture and aquaculture industries.

We provide ergonomic injection syringes for Livestock, Poultry & Fish vaccinations, allowing for comfortable, long term repeat use by vaccinators.


Founded in 1962, Kaycee Veterinary Products Ltd has been owned and run by the Sesemann family since 1976, following a long family tradition of surgical manufacturing since the mid-1800s. The company is currently run by family members based in Sussex, England where the Kaycee veterinary syringes are built, sourcing materials from UK companies.