FISHJECTOR 0.1 with Counter


Designed for the Aquaculture industry, the hand-operated reuseable syringe has been designed for use with all oil and water-based vaccines.



-The Fishjector 0.1 has a Fixed Dose of 0.1ml for the vaccination and injection of fish.


- Factory set using digital calibration ensuring doses are consistent and accurate.



- Robust chrome plated brass syringe is easy to maintain and will last many years if maintained correctly.



- Our injection syringe is comfortable to handle with its ergonomic design and extended forward facing trigger.

- Allows for long sessions while minimising vaccinator-fatigue, the and PVC handgrip ensures easy handling.



Comes with rear PVC tubing feed and vaccine feed needle. 

The Kaycee Counter System
- Provides an accurate count of the number of fish vaccine doses made - for easy tracking of your team's efficiency and throughput.

-The new vaccination counter system is encased in clear plastic and sealed with a white cap and o-ring to protect from moisture.

-In response to customer feedback we have repositioned the counter so that it is now viewable by tilting the device side-on, making the count much easier to see. 

(Counter is currently non-resettable)