Kaycee News #3 - March 2015

Following a recent survey it would appear that the majority of UK shoppers wrongly believe that it is the antibiotics in livestock that make them less effective for people. 

As reported on The Pig Site a survey conducted by market analysts IGD Shopper Vista for the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) showed that more than 80% of shoppers believe that it is possible for animal medicines and vaccinations to harm people by getting into food.

Dawn Howard, the chief executive of NOAH said:

'With antibiotic resistance so prevalent in the media, it is perhaps less surprising to see so much concern about this among the public. But even so, the science is very clear - the use of antibiotics in British livestock is not the main driver of resistance developing among people. There is also a lack of understanding about how vaccines work - and again, this misunderstanding seems to be getting worse.'

The good news is that NOAH plan to use the results of this survey to wirk with retailers, processors and producers and others in the supply chain to combat some of the myths surrounding veterinary medicines.

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