Kaycee News #5 - June 2015

We are extremely proud to have a two-page feature in this months issue of Fish Farmer magazine about the launch of our new Twinjector Syringe. 

In this months issue, June 2015, they have two page feature on pages 56 and 57 on our new Twinjector syringe launching this year. 

Our Twinjector syringe is the culmination of significant research and development in response to the needs of the aquaculture industry - part of working closely with our customers and incorporating their feedback into the development of our products. 

Specifically designed to deliver two vaccines of differing viscosity in the same dose, our hand operated Twinjector repeater syringe has been designed for use with all oil and water based vaccines. 

The Twinjector has two independently adjustable doses ranges of 0.05ml each, 0.1ml each or 0.05ml and 0.1ml.Staying true to the design of our current syringe range, it is comfortable to handle, ergonomic in design and allows for long sessions minimising user fatigue. 

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