Kaycee News #6 - July 2015

RSPCA launched new welfare food label, aiming to improve the lives of millions of farmed fish and farmed animals in the next five years. 

As reported in this months issue of South East Farmer, the RSPCA is replacing their Freedom Food mark on eggs, meat, dairy and fish in supermarkets with a new RSPCA Assured label.

This label is only for products from farms inspected to the RSPCA's higher welfare standards. Such as animals having plenty of space to move around, access to natural light and things to do such as play in the hay. Label replacement will take place over the next 12 months.

Standard will be written by the RSPCA itself and not RSPCA assured, and they aim to publish the standards every two years with updates as a result of constant review. 

This is something that Kaycee supports, the good welfare of all farmed animals and the high quality conditions their kept in essential as it not just about high yields. We are committed to our products helping support the farming of healthy and, where necessary, vaccinated animals.