Kaycee News #9 - November 2015

Earlier this month we were in Inverness attending PHARMAQademy, run of course by Pharmaq.

Pharmaq believe the requirement for continuous learning and imparting of knowledge is important. This led to the establishment of the PHARMAQademy where in addition to providing the development of their own own staff, this initiative is becoming an important arena for meeting the aquaculture industry, nationally and internationally.

They were investigating technical solutions for double vaccine injections and included our new Twinjector. Pharmaq wanted to investigate why there is a need for double injections and look into the syringes currently on the market. They believe current manual double-vaccination syringes until recently are heavy to operate and not very functional and it is only recently that good solutions have become available.

Pharmaq rated our Twinjector as:

      Robust in design and build quality 

      Good ergonomics

-           Proven technology backed up by lots of experience

-         Beneficial that it is currently available with the counter.

They also tested the 0.05ml and 0.01ml doses and found them to be both accurate and consistent.